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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Habemus Papam (We Have A Pope) Habemus Papam (We Have A Pope)


What would happen if the Pope got cold feet? Multi-award-winning Italian master comic, actor and director Nanni Moretti’s comically poignant We Have a Pope, which finds newly elected Cardinal Melville (the legendary French actor Michel Piccoli) petrified by the idea of taking up the position. As the Cardinal agonizes over his ability to dispense religious and moral leadership, he sends the Vatican into a tailspin as they try to control their worst ecclesiastical and PR nightmare in this critically acclaimed Cannes Film Festival favorite.

Italian with subtitles, 102 min

Haunters Haunters

South Korea
Director: Min-suk Kim

A young thief’s ability to control minds is frustrated when he meets one just beyond his reach in this fast paced Korean action thriller. On a routine robbery of a pawnshop, things go terribly awry and an epic cat-and-mouse game quickly ensues, taking the viewer on a super charged tour of Seoul at night.

Korean with subtitles, 114 min

Heavy Heads Heavy Heads

Director: Helena Frank

In a gray kitchen Monika lives a solitary life, to the sounds of a dripping water tap and a buzzing housefly. Monika is seducing the housefly, when a sad stranger suddenly surprises her by entering the wrong door. Heavy Heads is a melancholy minimalistic black comedy about loneliness and solitude.

Danish, with subtitles, 8 min

The Heist The Heist

Director: Thomas Hefferon

Three eager bank robbers go over the big plan before robbing a bank, but things are quickly complicated when they can’t even agree on their code names. The hilarious rapid-fire dialogue make The Heist a genuine delight.

9 min

Hellville Hellville

Directors: Auélien Duhayon, Florian Picon, Gonglin Wang for “The Lab 2”, Julien Soler, Laurent Durieux, Maxime Mege-Ythier, Raphaël Tillie, Rémy Busson and Yann Drevon

Hellville seems to have found its bizarre balance through a traffic system exclusively made of pedal vehicles...Until the day the roaring engine of a motorbike resonates through its streets. Hellville’s futuristic urban landscape is like an animated love letter to Jacques Tati’s Playtime.

4 min

Here Here

Director: Braden King

Cartography and passion come together in the first American film made in Armenia. Will, a satellite mapping engineer hired to map Armenia, arrives solo but soon meets Gadarine, a photographer and Armenian expatriate returning home for the first time. An unlikely pair, the two are inexplicably connected from their first encounter and together explore new terrain both literally and figuratively. With a striking visual design, this international road-movie romance premiered at this year’s Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

110 min

The High Level Bridge The High Level Bridge

Director: Trevor Anderson

Director Trevor Anderson provides a voice-over narration of Edmonton’s High Level Bridge and drops his camera from the bridge in memory of those who have jumped. A fitting and humorous homage to the people and events surrounding this oddly significant landmark.

5 min

His Mother's Eyes His Mother's Eyes

Director: Thierry Klifa

With ambition and charm matched equally by a complete lack of remorse, best-selling author Mathieu will do anything for a good story. To write the unauthorized biography of celebrity news anchor Lena Weber (Catherine Deneuve in a career-topping performance), not only does he secure a job as her assistant but also seduces Lena, her estranged daughter who is searching for her own son, and anyone who gets in his way, regardless of gender.

French, Spanish with subtitles, 105 min

The Holding The Holding

Director: Susan Jacobson

After Cassie murders her abusive husband, a manipulative neighbor tries to run her off her land. Help seems to come in the form of gruff Scotsman Aden, but Cassie soon regrets letting Aden into her life when his true nature begins to manifest itself.  Stylish direction and taut performances keep adrenaline running high in this accomplished, atmospheric gothic thriller.

93 min

Holidays by the Sea Holidays by the Sea

Director: Pascal Rabaté

Invoking the elliptical whimsy of comedic legend Jacques Tati, this playful, wordless romp sends up the French pleasure in summer holidays. Wandering in and out of a series of scenarios, each tinged with a touch of the absurd, the film follows a motley crew of vacationers enjoying a spell at the beach. The more than half dozen stories are cleverly propelled by the cast’s brilliant physical performances, witty comic-book inspired cinematography, and swift pacing.

French with subtitles, 77 min

Hotel Swooni Hotel Swooni

Director: Kaat Beels

What is happiness? How do we grasp it? Six characters fumble desperately as their lives intersect over the course of one day and night in Brussels’ luxurious Hotel Swooni. A couple must face the truth about their marriage, while a mother and daughter seek to repair their fractured relationship and a young African boy urgently searches for his missing father. Emotions run high in this hotel in which no one checks out quite the same as they checked in.

Dutch, French with subtitles, 90 min