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2013 — 49th Chicago Film Festival

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The German Doctor The German Doctor

Argentina / France / Norway / Spain
Director: Lucia Puenzo

In Patagonia, 1960, an Argentine family meets a German physician on the long road to Bariloche. The first guest at the family’s newly opened inn, the wealthy doctor ingratiates himself into their home life with his charisma and his scientific knowledge. Little do they know, however, that they are housing one of history’s most monstrous criminals, and that he might be continuing his experimental practice in their own community in this chilling, captivating story.

Spanish, German, Hebrew with English Subtitles, 93

Gigantic Gigantic

Taiwan / USA
Director: Georgia Fu

After accidentally foiling each other’s suicide plans, Frank and Kim spend the night wandering Taipei together.

Part of Shorts 4: Our Lovers' Story

Chinese, 17

Girl With Child Girl With Child

Director: Maria Abraham

A lonely teenage girl in Ecuador travels by bus with her toddler to visit her mother.

Part of Shorts 1: City & State - Local Heroes

Spanish, 9

The Girls On Liberty Street The Girls On Liberty Street

Director: John Rangel

With only one week left until she leaves for the Army, teenager Brianna spends her final days at her home in the Chicago suburbs packing and saying goodbye to friends. But in her quiet moments and the seemingly mundane interactions with family members, Brianna’s anxiety about her decision is palpable. Eschewing melodrama, the film imbues this simple story with a deft style and effortlessly natural performances, creating an assured portrait of a young woman in transition.


The Globe Collector The Globe Collector

Director: Summer DeRoche

One man’s all-consuming passion for light globes.

Part of Shorts 6: Nature or Nurture?

English, 7

Go Goa Gone Go Goa Gone

Director: Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru

A rollicking zombie rom-com, Go Goa Gone follows two stoner friends, Luv and Hardik, who are both having a rough time. In desperate need of a vacation, they tag along with their roommate Bunny on a trip to the gorgeous beaches of Goa. After following a beautiful woman to a remote island for a rave, they awake to discover the island’s population has turned into zombies. Along with a gun-toting Russian mobster, they must battle the undead hordes.

Hindi with English subtitles, 106

Le Grande Cahier Le Grande Cahier

Austria / France / Germany / Hungary
Director: János Szász

This atmospheric WWII thriller follows twin boys sent to the Hungarian countryside to wait out the war’s violent barrage with their embittered, cruel grandmother. Only 13 but grimly determined to survive, the brothers decide that the only way to endure the horrors of war is to by extinguishing their own humanity. A chilling portrait of young psyches warped by inconceivable trauma, this critical and audience favorite took the top prize at the prestigious Karlovy Vary film festival.

Hungarian with English Subtitles, 110

Grigris Grigris

Director: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Despite a paralyzed leg that keeps him on the fringes of society, Grigris comes alive at the local nightclub, tearing up the dance floor every night. When a relative’s hospital bills start piling up, Grigris must turn to the black market for work. After double-crossing his new boss in a desperate attempt at fast money, Grigris finds himself on the run in this sensitive depiction of a desperate, marginalized man by one of Africa’s most celebrated directors.

French and Arabic with English Subtitles, 101