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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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The Gallery The Gallery

Director: Robert Proch

A black and white line, with only a few accents provided by a bright red stain, form a satirical parable of the consumer habits of modern society in a surreal shopping mall. The Gallery features an innovative, amorphous style which fuses elements of painting, animation and graffiti.

5 min

Gandu Gandu

Director: Q (Kaushik Mukheries)

Gandu (local slang for “asshole”) is a lovable loser who hates his life in modern-day Kolkata. When he isn’t stealing money from his mother to finance a fledgling rap career and lottery ticket obsession, Gandu spends his days with a Bruce Lee-obsessed rickshaw driver named Rickshaw. As their friendship develops, the two descend into a world of sex, drugs, and rap musical sequences. Audacious in both form and content, Gandu introduces audiences to a raucous and in your face side of Indian film they definitely won’t see from Bollywood. Mature audiences only.

Bengali with subtitles, 85 min

George the Hedgehog George the Hedgehog

Directors: Jakub Tarkowski, Tomasz Leśniak and Wojciech Wawszczyk

This hilariously profane animated comedy follows George, a skateboarding booze guzzler with a libido to match, as he turns from randy rodent into spiky statesman, by way of some pretty far out genetic manipulation techniques. Both a bold piece of satire and a refreshing break from the animated norm, the film brims with as much irreverent energy as its prickled protagonist. Mature audiences only.

Polish with subtitles, 80 min

Ghost Ghost

South Korea
Director: Dahci Ma

A mysterious man is hiding out in an empty house. The man, who is wanted by the police, is caught up in a fantasy world brought on by extreme hunger and anxiety. However what he faces at the end is the darkest side of himself in this austere, deceptively simple short with an unnerving undercurrent of menace.

Korean, with subtitles, 10 min

The Ghosts The Ghosts

Director: Eddie O’Keefe

A sheltered teenage girl’s life is turned on its head when a mysterious greaser gang swarms into her sleepy suburb and she falls in love with their tough, handsome leader. The Ghosts authentically and lovingly recreates the look and feel of 50’s small town America.

13 min

The Giants The Giants

Director: Bouli Lanners

Abandoned at their late grandfather’s house for the summer, teenage brothers Zak and Seth are left to their own devices. With the endless possibilities of summer fun and (mis-)adventure to be had in the idyllic Belgian countryside, the world, they feel, is their oyster. But when money runs short and with no help in sight, the boys scheme to support themselves by renting their home to a local drug dealer. A Mark Twain adventure-like tale takes a dark turn in The Giants, artfully capturing the underside of carefree youth.

French with subtitles, 84 min

The Good Doctor The Good Doctor

Director: Lance Daly

In this dark thriller that skewers modern medical practice and its morals, first-year resident Dr. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) strives to be a “good doctor”. Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, he has the perfect opportunity to further his ambition when a young beautiful patient is assigned to his care. When the determined doctor unexpectedly falls prey to the seductive charms of his ward, he must choose between hypocrisy and the Hypocratic Oath.

93 min

The Good Son The Good Son

Director: Zaida Bergroth

Seventeen-year-old Ilmari has spent most of his young life looking after his mother, Leila, a renowned actress who loves to be the center of attention, and his younger brother. After a recent scandal, Leila takes all three of them to a distant island for a quiet weekend but soon grows bored and invites all of her friends over for a party. There, she falls for scriptwriter Aimo, and soon Ilmari’s resentment explodes in this tragic portrait of a dysfunctional family.

Finnish with subtitles, 87 min

Goodbye Goodbye

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof

In this gripping film shot semi-clandestinely, a young disbarred female lawyer with an exiled husband and an unwanted pregnancy tries to secure a visa to leave the country. Tension builds slowly and meticulously as the heroine faces off against an oppressive regime, the walls slowly closing in around her. This powerful portrait of one woman's struggle against the system in modern-day Iran won a best director award at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Farsi with subtitles, 104 min

Goodbye First Love Goodbye First Love

France / Germany
Director: Mia Hansen-Løve

There is nothing quite like first love-or the heartbreak that follows. Camille and Sullivan are head over heels, but his longing for independence and her need for security drive a deep wedge between them, and they part ways. Eight years later, Camille has finally moved on and found new love-until Sullivan reenters her life. This perfectly pitched tale of pathos and passion captures the ardor, intensity, and anguish of love.

French, German, Danish with subtitles, 110 min

Goodbye Mandima Goodbye Mandima

Director: Robert-Jan Lacombe

Childhood pictures and video footage tell the story of the filmmaker’s departure from Zaire aged 10. This moving award-winning short is a retrospective goodbye from a European boy to the African culture that raised him, one that has since changed forever.

French, with subtitles, 11 min

Grandmothers Grandmothers

Director: Afarin Eghbal

In a small apartment in Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, horrific circumstances means she will be forced to wait over 30 years. Using real-life testimonials this powerful animated documentary raises issues of memory, repression and loss.

Spanish, English, with subtitles, 9 min

Grandpa’s Wet Dream Grandpa’s Wet Dream

Director: Chihiro Amemiya

A 75-year-old Japanese man has a dirty secret - he has been acting in adult videos for 15 years without telling his family. Featuring some priceless behind the scenes footage and insights from friends, business associates and of course Grandpa himself, this is an insightful look at the Japanese porn industry and one man's personal quest to leave something behind.

Japanese, with subtitles, 16 min

Guard Dog Global Jam Guard Dog Global Jam


Animation impresario Bill Plympton’s short film Guard Dog won the Oscar in 2004. In 2010 he decided to remake the film via the internet, with 70 artists from around the world, with different levels of expertise, recreating each shot of the film in their own style. Guard Dog Global Jam is the eye-popping result, featuring pretty much every animation style you can think of, and some you probably haven’t!

6 min