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2010 — 46th Chicago International Film Festival

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Go For It! Go For It!

Director: Carmen Marron

In this high-energy coming-of-age tale from local filmmakers, feisty Carmen spends her days working and her nights wowing club crowds with her dancing. But an opportunity to win admission to a prestigious dance school forces Carmen to choose between fulfilling her obligations to her family and urban community or moving on to a brighter but uncertain future.

83 min.

Golden Slumber Golden Slumber

Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura

In this seriocomic conspiracy thriller, affable deliveryman Aoyagi unwittingly becomes the prime suspect in a hunt for the assassin of the prime minister. As he runs from the authorities and the news media eats up every scrap of incriminating evidence, Aoyagi finds a little help from his friends, including his college sweetheart and a crazy but cheerful youth who’s wanted for serial murder. Together, this motley crew will help Aoyagi navigate the strangest, scariest 24 hours of his life.

Japanese with subtitles, 139 min.

Grandmothers Grandmothers

Director: Michael Wahrmann

In Grandmothers, 10-year-old Leo receives a Super 8 camera for his birthday and finds out that Monica Lewinski is Jewish, that the numbers on his grandparents’ arms are responsible for him being chubby, and that his old camera is worthless.

Portuguese with subtitles, 12 min.