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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Fat, Bald, Short Man Fat, Bald, Short Man

Director: Carlos Osuna

With nothing going in the looks department, notary Antonio is something of a Colombian George Costanza: teased by his colleagues, unlucky with the ladies, and the doormat of all who wish to tread, most notably his gambling-addicted brother. But Antonio's luck seems set to take a turn for the better when he gets involved with a cultish self-help group and an equally unattractive boss takes over the office. A distinctive animation style and an undeniably heart-warming story make Fat, Bald, Short Man a surefire crowd-pleaser.

Spanish with subtitles, 91 min

Flowers for Jupiter Flowers for Jupiter

Director: Chris Mars

A spellbinding mix of 2- and 3-D animation, live action and prosthetic effects are employed to tell a tale of hope and negligence in which a young, fanciful girl mines her past for answers regarding the accident which, years earlier, took her middle finger. Flowers for Jupiter explores the world that exists between imagination and memory.

6 min

Flying Anne Flying Anne

Director: Catherine Van Campen

Eleven-year-old Anne is a beautiful girl. The kind of girl you can’t take your eyes off. And the longer you look, the more you see her ‘tics’. Anne suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, which makes her body do things beyond her control. Anne sometimes finds it hard to cope with her illness, especially in school. She’s afraid that others will bully her or laugh at her. Anne therefore tries to keep her tics in check, although that isn’t easy. She prefers ‘flying’ through life, so you won’t notice anything. When flying, she’s at her best. Flying Anne is a beautiful, sensitive portrayal of Anne’s life with her tics. Tics that, in the end, she doesn’t want to lose either...


Flying Fish Flying Fish

Sri Lanka
Director: Sanjeewa Pushpakumara

The devastating consequences of civil war are set against breathtaking vistas of Sri Lanka as three separate stories are explored: a father and daughter’s relationship is tested after an encounter with a soldier leaves her pregnant, an impoverished family must find a way to manage their debt to the rebels, and a young boy discovers his widowed mother’s sexual affair.

Sinhala, Tamil with subtitles, 125 min

Foal Foal

Director: Christoph Rainer

A young pregnant woman enthusiastically hurls herself into her new family, but her husband is worried and uncertain about their marriage. The forced family structures begin to crumble away. Sensing her partner’s rejection, the woman bolts herself in her majestic estate in this gorgeous, atmospheric tale of rejection and betrayal.

German, with subtitles, 16 min

The Forgiveness of Blood The Forgiveness of Blood

Albania / Denmark / Italy / USA
Director: Joshua Marston

Nik is your run-of-the-mill, digitally savvy, fun-loving teenager. But his dreams for the future come to a screeching halt when a long-simmering feud between his father and a man who inherited land that once belonged to Nik's family comes to a violent end. Now, thanks to an ancient Albanian law, Nik and his brother find themselves under house arrest while their father is on the lam, causing already high tensions to reach a boiling point in this tense drama.

Albanian with subtitles, 109 min

Friend of Flies Friend of Flies

Director: Emil Gustafsson Ryderup

For want of friends, a little boy seeks fellowship among flies. Once he has gained their confidence, he finds himself in possession of endless power. But power is not the solution to everything, and how is a child to master such responsibility? Using only three colors, black, white and red, Friend of Flies deploys a striking visual aesthetic to tell a melancholy tale about the loneliness of childhood.

13 min

From One Film to Another From One Film to Another

Director: Claude Lelouch

The irrepressible, enigmatic outlaw of the Nouvelle Vague, Claude Lelouche, takes the viewer on an intimate cinematic tour of his prolific career. Turning the camera on himself, the director of A Man and A Woman bares his soul as he frankly confronts the lessons of failure and the spoils of success.

French with subtitles, 104 min