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2010 — 46th Chicago International Film Festival

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Fair Game Fair Game

Director: Doug Liman

A glimpse into the dark corridors of politics, Fair Game is a riveting action-thriller based on the real lives of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) and her husband, diplomat Joe Wilson (Sean Penn). When Joe is drawn into a government investigation and the administration ignores his findings, Joe writes a New York Times editorial, igniting a controversy that affects Valerie’s career when her identity is exposed.

104 min.

Family Portrait, A Family Portrait, A


Jealousy and suspicion bubble to the surface under the photographer’s relentless gaze in A Family Portrait.

5 min.

Family Tree Family Tree

Directors: Olivier Ducastel

When stern patriarch Frédérick refuses to attend his eldest son’s funeral, his absence outrages his surviving children and dredges up secrets that threaten to shatter the family. The directors behind Born in ’68 present a generous meditation on shame and its multigenerational repercussions, breathing life into its buried-secret storyline. Three generations of actors create an unforgettable portrait of a family that doesn’t know itself.

French with subtitles, 97 min.

Faster! Faster!

Director: Marie Ullrich

A badass female bike messenger runs roughshod over everyone in her path in Faster!

13 min.

Feast of Stephen, The Feast of Stephen, The

Director: James Franco

James Franco’s The Feast of Stephen, paying homage to the work of Kenneth Anger, is an atmospheric tale of one boy’s brush with forbidden adolescent desires.

5 min.

Fish Food Fish Food

Director: Bradley Bischoff

A young Polish girl is faced with having to kill a beautiful fish for dinner in Fish Food.

Polish with subtitles, 11 min.

For 80 Days For 80 Days

Directors: Jon Garaño and José María Goenaga

Sixty years after their brief teenage flirtation, Axun and Maite experience an unexpected reunion in a hospital while caring for comatose relatives. Their lives in the interim could not have been more different

Basque with subtitles, 106 min.