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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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Face Face

France / Taiwan

A four-time award winner at the Festival, master Tsai Ming-Liang (Goodbye, Dragon Inn; What Time Is It Over There?) returns with a sumptuously staged, boldly visual film about a Taiwanese filmmaker who casts French actors in his latest disaster-fraught film—despite not speaking a word of French. An artistic tip of the hat to FranÇois Truffaut and the spirit of the New Wave, Face stars Truffaut regulars Jean-Pierre LÉaud and Fanny Ardant.

French, Taiwanese with subtitles, 141 minutes

Fish Tank Fish Tank

Director: Andrea Arnold

Oscar® winner Andrea Arnold asserts her place at the pinnacle of contemporary British cinema with Fish Tank, her keenly observed and unflinchingly realistic portrait of life in a rough Essex housing project. Mia (Katie Jarvis, a revelation in her first screen role) is an alienated, emotionally volatile teenager whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of her mother's charming new boyfriend Connor (Michael Fassbender, named best actor at last year's Festival for Hunger).

124 minutes

A Frozen Flower A Frozen Flower

South Korea
Director: Yoo Ha

Set in 13th-century Korea, this sweeping epic tells the unconventional story of a taboo love triangle between the king of Goryeo, his male guard, and the queen. In the midst of nobles plotting to dethrone the king, the distraught commander of the royal guards must decide where his loyalties lie. This bold and provocative tale of blossoming desire is laced with bloody battles and betrayal, lust and forbidden love.

Korean, Mandarin with subtitles, 133 minutes