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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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The Eagleman Stag The Eagleman Stag

Director: Mikey Please

If you repeat the word "fly" for long enough it sounds like you're saying "life". This is of no help to Peter. His answers lie in the brain of the beetle. This funny, philosophical stop-motion animation has been garnering awards at festivals around the world.

9 min

El Macho El Macho

Director: Daniela Negrin Ochoa

Henpecked Carlos yearns for order and calm amidst the chaos of his loud family of women. The arrival of adorable Alfonso, an energetic poodle puppy, shatters any dreams he had of peace and quiet. El Macho uses traditional 2D pen on paper animation, with individual screenprints for backgrounds.

English, Spanish, with subtitles, 7 min

Ending Note: Death of a Japanese Salesman Ending Note: Death of a Japanese Salesman

Director: Mami Sunada

When a recently retired Japanese businessman is diagnosed with incurable cancer, he reacts to the news with the same pragmatic approach that made him a successful salesman. In her directorial debut, Mami Sunada combines non-fiction film form with the growing trend of “end of life journals” among the elderly in Japan. By channeling her thoughts and feelings through her father’s “ending note”, Sunada abstracts the weight of a life and the pain of loss into a surprisingly hopeful and life-affirming message.

Japanese with subtitles, 90 min

Ex-Sex Ex-Sex

Director: Michael Mohan

Two former lovers navigate their fizzled relationship by confusing their emotional needs with their physical desires. Ex-Sex makes it better. Ex-Sex makes it worse. A bittersweet, honest glimpse at a relationship which reminds us how we always hurt the ones we love.

9 min

The Extraordinary Life of Rocky The Extraordinary Life of Rocky

Director: Kevin Meul

It seems Rocky was born on the wrong side of luck; all the people he loves die from a fatal accident. First his father, then his grandfather and on it goes - and every single time Rocky is at the center of it all. He is like a magnet for misfortune. A darkly comedic fable with an aesthetic that fans of Wes Anderson-esque quirkiness will eat right up.

Dutch, with subtitles, 14 min