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2013 — 49th Chicago Film Festival

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The Date The Date

Director: Jenni Toivoniemi

Tino’s manhood is put to the test when he has to host a date for Diablo, the family’s stud cat.

Part of Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Finnish, 7

Bruce Dern Tribute Bruce Dern Tribute

Trained at the celebrated Actor’s Studio, Bruce Dern made his film debut in Elia Kazan’s Wild River (1960), going on to become one of the most iconic actors of his generation. His credits include such essential New Hollywood films as They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969), The King of Marvin Gardens (1972), and Coming Home (1978), as well as recent films such as Monster (2003) and Django Unchained (2012).

Dern will present his newest film, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, with Q&A to follow.

Despite The Gods Despite The Gods

Director: Penny Vozniak

Filmmaker Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David and director of the notorious Boxing Helena, traveled to India in 2008 to make Hisss, a modern-day comedy-horror-musical film about the beautiful but vengeful snake goddess Nagin. But everything devolves rapidly into chaos as the bloated production falls behind schedule, the set growing increasingly tense and combative as Lynch fights with her producers for control of the film, all the while trying to look after her young daughter and maintain her sanity.

English, Hindi with English subtitles, 85

Divorce, Italian Style Divorce, Italian Style

Director: Pietro Germi

Baron Ferdinando Cefalù (Marcello Mastroianni) longs to marry his nubile young cousin Angela, but one obstacle stands in his way: his fatuous and fawning wife, Rosalia. His solution? Since divorce is illegal, he hatches a plan to lure his spouse into the arms of another and then murder her in a justifiable effort to save his honor. Director Pietro Germi’s (Seduced And Abandoned) hilarious and cutting satire of Sicilian male-chauvinist culture was awarded the 1962 Academy Award® for Best Original Screenplay.

Year: 1961

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


Domestic Domestic

Director: Adrian Sitaru

A lighter take on the Romanian New Wave, Adrian Sitaru's wry comedy presents the exploits of three families living in a single building. All share a love for (or malice towards) various domestic and/or edible animals, which somehow keep finding a way of bringing out strains within their families. Sitaru captures this all with a formal precision attuned to both the slyly hilarious comedic timing of each scene and the expressive potential of long-take aesthetics.

Romanian with English Subtitles, 85

The Don Juans The Don Juans

Czech Republic
Director: Jirí Menzel

A brilliantly-observed, hilarious sex farce from Czech New Wave master Jirí Menzel (Closely Watched Trains), The Don Juans looks at a small town opera company’s efforts to mount a production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. The eccentric director Vitek has unusual views on opera and uses the production as an excuse to bed every woman he meets. Passions flare onstage and behind the scenes as the small company prepares for a wholly unique adaptation of the Mozart classic.

Czech with subtitles, 98

Dracula 3D Dracula 3D

Italy / France / Spain
Director: Dario Argento

A gleeful homage to Bram Stoker’s classic novel from legendary horror auteur Dario Argento (Suspiria) with the master’s distinctive twist on the familiar story, Dracula 3D focuses its story on the characters of Mina and Lucy, two women in the Count’s erotic thrall. When the shape shifting Count sets his sights on Mina, and then Lucy, neither woman can resist his sinister charms, although failure to do so means joining the ranks of the undead. Director Dario Argento scheduled to attend.


Dream Girl Dream Girl

Director: Oliver Schwarz

Having spent his life searching for the girl of his dreams, Dirk finally finds Jenny.

Part of Shorts 6: Nature or Nurture?

German, 20

Drunker Than A Skunk Drunker Than A Skunk

Director: Bill Plympton

A cowboy town torments the local drunk.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division

English, 4