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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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Backyard Backyard

Director: Carlos Carrera

The most chilling frame of this thriller, from the director of The Crime of Father Amaro, may be the one that reads: “based on actual events.” In the border town of Juárez, Mexico, hundreds of women have gone missing or turned up as sun-burnt corpses in the desert, but new police Captain Blanca Bravo (Ana de la Reguera) is determined to stop the savagery. Jimmy Smits also stars.

Spanish, English, Tzotzil with subtitles, 122 minutes

The Be All and End All The Be All and End All

Director: Bruce Webb

Fifteen-year-old lads Robbie and Ziggy have been best mates all their lives. When Robbie finds out he's got a fatal heart condition, he's got just one final wish: "You've got to get a girl to shag me," he pleads with Ziggy. Now it's up to Ziggy to get a girl into Robbie's bed… by any means necessary. Packed with plenty of delightfully slangy Brit wit, this hilarious and heartwarming tale is a mature account of what it means to be a friend.

100 minutes

Bellamy Bellamy

Director: Claude Chabrol

Gérard Depardieu stars in French New Wave veteran Claude Chabrol's 58th film, a playfully witty crime story centered around Paris police chief Paul Bellamy. While on holiday with his wife, the famed detective is approached by a stranger who "sort of killed" another man, and before long Bellamy becomes embroiled in a puzzle that boggles even his mind.

Please note that due to
demand there is now an additional screening of Bellamy on Oct. 10.

French with subtitles, 110 minutes

Berlin '36 Berlin '36

Director: Kaspar Heidelbach

With Nazi-ruled Berlin facing boycotts of its 1936 Olympic Games if Jewish athletes aren’t allowed to participate, party officials bully expat champion high jumper Gretel Bergmann into training alongside a team that reviles her. At the same time, they use über-athlete Marie Ketteler as a pawn in a covert campaign to defeat Gretel. This powerful true story celebrates the small triumphs strong-willed individuals can win over tyranny and hatred.

German with subtitles, 100 minutes

Beyond Ipanema Beyond Ipanema

Brazil / USA
Director: Guto Barra

Starting in the '40s with Carmen Miranda and continuing ever since, Brazil's music has created waves across the globe. Featuring infectious samples of different musical styles and interviews with David Byrne, Devendra Banhart, M.I.A., Os Mutantes, Seu Jorge, Thievery Corporation, CSS, Creed Taylor, and many others, this vibrant documentary explores how the inimitable sound and spirit of Brazilian music has been adopted and transformed throughout the world.

English, Portugese with subtitles, 80 minutes

Blue Blue

Director: Ryan Miningham

Murder. Robbery. Abandonment. Gary "Blue" Meekins' past is one he'd prefer not to remember. Even after surviving the rough streets of Harlem, Blue finds himself struggling to make it through the days. Now, with the help of an old coach and his emotionally damaged neighbor, this burgeoning prizefighter is finally getting his shot at the title. But after so much, will Blue make it to the fight of his life?

110 minutes