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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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Fabiánová, Diana

The Moon Inside You The Moon Inside You

Entertaining and surprisingly inviting, The Moon Inside You takes viewers on an international trek exploring the myths, phobias, quackery, and physiology of menstruation. Combining personal experience with the social stigmas associated with basic female functions, this insightful documentary uses humor, spontaneous interviews, and even Claymation to allay the fears of many viewers and offer welcome information and insight to many more.

75 minutes

Fackler, Nicholas

Lovely, Still Lovely, Still

Christmas brings elderly Robert Malone (Oscar® winner Martin Landau) an unexpected present: love. One evening when Robert returns to his lonely home, he finds a stranger (Oscar® winner Ellen Burstyn) in his living room. She’s his new neighbor, and it isn’t long before a romance begins to blossom. Robert’s on cloud nine—his only worry is whether his health can keep up with his heart.

90 minutes

Falk, Feliks

Case Unknown Case Unknown

Work is everything to young psychiatrist Konstanty Grot

Polish with subtitles, 102 minutes

Film Listing, See Individual

Shorts 1: Illinoi[s]emakers Shorts 1: Illinoi[s]emakers

It is quite literally always raining on one young man in Wet (USA). Team Taliban (USA) explores the impact of the War on Terror in American culture through the lens of professional wrestling. In Non-Love-Song (USA), two best friends try to connect on a deeper level for the first time before they are separated indefinitely. Amy tracks down leads and attempts to prevent a catastrophe in Good People (USA). The leader of an exertion-harnessing auxiliary of the municipal pedal power plant is beckoned off course in Cycle (USA). In Public Speaking (USA), Ronald Reagan helps a nervous youth conquer his fear. In An Evening with Emery Long (USA), Emery prepares for his first date with "office hottie" Della.

80 minutes

Shorts 2: Animation Nations Shorts 2: Animation Nations

Esso Girl and Big Boy try to escape the wrath of Ronald McDonald in Logorama (France). Attached to You (Sweden) portrays a mother-son relationship from conception through adulthood. The misadventures of a plucky canine are chronicled in Horn Dog (USA). In Runaway (Canada), happy train passengers enjoy the revelry, oblivious to the fate that awaits them. Disaffected youth do special ops in Rabbit Punch (UK). Red Revenge (USA) is a woman's revenge story stemming from dreams from childhood. In Photograph of Jesus (UK), real-life archives become the stage where fact and fiction collide. In Cherry on the Cake (UK), the smaller Cherry feels, the smaller she gets-will she disappear completely? Please Say Something (Ireland) tells the tale of the troubled relationship between a very emotional cat and her husband, a workaholic mouse. Having been struck by a meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely 91 centimeters from himself in Skhizein (France).

88 minutes

Shorts 3: Rediscovery Shorts 3: Rediscovery

Ali Shan (Canada) endeavors to answer the question, "How do we dream?" A man seizes one last opportunity for intimacy with his ex-wife in The Handover (New Zealand). A teacher helps a student learn how to get off in Acting for the Camera (USA). Ten for Grandpa (Canada) tries to uncover whether Grandpa was a manipulative antihero or simply a victim of a McCarthy witch hunt. Short Term 12 (USA) is a film about kids and the grown-ups who hit them. A poetic exploration of memory and loss, Steel Homes (UK) takes the viewer inside the world of a self-storage warehouse. Happy 95th Birthday Grandpa (USA) presents a fleeting memory of childhood quarrels at grandpa's birthday. Careful with that Power Tool (New Zealand) shows the real reason why little boys shouldn't play with power tools. In Young Love (Australia), Erno is in tortuous pain, but he must keep moving as danger awaits him.

90 minutes

Shorts 4: Escape and Rebellion Shorts 4: Escape and Rebellion

Almost everybody is going to die very soon in The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5 (Spain). Rasmus leaves his parents a special present in Good Advice (Sweden). In Ciao Mama (Croatia), a young daughter tries to provoke her mother, forcing them both to re-examine their relationship. Ernesto Kely is going to create something and it might just explode in Ernesto Kely Takes Off (Spain). The picnic is over; the upper middle-class party prepares to go home, but who is missing in The History of Aviation (Hungary)? Lars and Peter (Denmark) captures the difficult emotions of a young boy and his relationship to his father in the face of great loss. The Illusion (Cuba) documents director Susana Barriga's journey from Cuba to London to visit her exiled father.

101 minutes

Shorts 5: Best of the American Black Film Festival Shorts 5: Best of the American Black Film Festival

A family faces up to the pain of the past and the uncertainty of the future in Osvaldo's (USA). In The Roe Effect (USA), Dawn must choose between the girl she loves and an unwanted pregnancy. Michael Taylor Jr. attempts to prove his manhood to his father in Cuts (USA). In Popous Pane and the Kids He Loves to Hate (USA), a family's lies bring two long-lost brothers together. Chains (Canada) captures one woman's attempt to spring life into a world surrounded by darkness. Teenager Tisha struggles with an unplanned pregnancy in Premature (USA).

88 minutes

Fonyó, Gergely

Made in Hungaria Made in Hungaria

It’s rock ’n’ roll versus communism in this rollicking musical comedy. Teen Miki and his parents return to oppressive 1960s Hungary after four years in the States. Miki’s stash of contraband Jack Daniels and 45s by Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis makes him a hit with local kids starved for American pop culture—but it’ll be harder to win over his ex-flame Vera, tough-guy rocker Röné… and especially the local comrades.

Hungarian with subtitles, 109 minutes

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