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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Bitter Lemon Bitter Lemon

Experience the point of view of a traffic policeman as he complains about how the people of Dhaka have made breaking the rules a way of life. 3 minutes put to perfect use in this immersive micro-doc.

3 min

Caretaker for the Lord Caretaker for the Lord

A fragile community clings to a run-down Church in Glasgow’s east end as it faces closure. As line dancing and yoga illuminate the caretaker’s warm church hall, the Minister bitterly preaches that the Church has lost its direction and should be left to die. The broken building trembles in this battle for space and souls. A thoughtful piece of verite filmmaking that lets it subjects do the talking.

17 min


Cinema Komunisto Cinema Komunisto

If the illusion of reality is the currency of cinema, then cinephile and former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito bought and paid for his country’s thrilling and heroic (but mostly made up) history. This award-winning documentary chronicles the 40-year history of Avala Studio, built by Tito to crank out well-made propaganda films in order to shape and control his country’s image in a post-war world. This veritable compendium of archival footage and clips from over 60 classic Yugoslav films includes remembrances from Tito’s personal projectionist.

Serbian with subtitles, 101 min

South Korea

Haunters Haunters

A young thief’s ability to control minds is frustrated when he meets one just beyond his reach in this fast paced Korean action thriller. On a routine robbery of a pawnshop, things go terribly awry and an epic cat-and-mouse game quickly ensues, taking the viewer on a super charged tour of Seoul at night.

Korean with subtitles, 114 min

The Yellow Sea The Yellow Sea

When taxi driver Gu-nam finds himself in financial straits, he accepts a proposal from  a local mob boss to travel to Seoul to carry out a hit on a professor. Once Gu-Nam arrives in the capital city, he discovers he isn’t the only person targeting the professor and in a quick turn of events, finds himself on the run. Gu-nam must call in his every survival instinct to stay one step ahead of his pursuers in this thrilling man-on-the-run crime drama.

Korean with subtitles, 140 min

Ghost Ghost

A mysterious man is hiding out in an empty house. The man, who is wanted by the police, is caught up in a fantasy world brought on by extreme hunger and anxiety. However what he faces at the end is the darkest side of himself in this austere, deceptively simple short with an unnerving undercurrent of menace.

Korean, with subtitles, 10 min


Amador Amador

Marcela’s pregnancy couldn’t have come at a worse time. A Latin American immigrant living in the outskirts of Madrid, Marcela is stuck in a stagnant relationship with a man who works a dead-end job selling flowers. Things begin to improve when she’s hired to care for a friend’s ailing father, Amador. When Amador suddenly dies, leaving her jobless, Marcela is faced with an unusual moral dilemma in this heartfelt drama about life and death.

Spanish with subtitles, 112 min

The Double Steps The Double Steps

Prepare to be taken over by this delightfully enigmatic storyline that traverses centuries, continents and cultures. The “double steps” in question refer to advice left by French artist François Augiéras, who claimed the best way to escape one’s enemies is to walk backwards over your own footprints. Using one of Augiéras’ lost works as the catalyst for the story, filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and painter Miquel Barceló weave together the structure and iconography of the road movie with African griot storytelling.

Spanish with subtitles, 86 min

BirdBoy BirdBoy

A terrible industrial accident changes Little Dinki's life forever. Now Dinki's fate may ride on the wings of her eccentric friend Birdboy, a misfit who hides in the Dead Forest, lost in his fantasies... a beautiful, haunting tale told with stark, stylized animation based on a graphic novel.

Spanish, with subtitles, 13 min

The Runaway The Runaway

Chewing gum. A dog leash. An Australia shaped stain on the wall. A bent traffic light...each of these elements has its own story, even though all of them together can create a new plot. A brilliantly inventive, daring short which completely subverts its own set-up.

Spanish, with subtitles, 11 min

Sri Lanka

Flying Fish Flying Fish

The devastating consequences of civil war are set against breathtaking vistas of Sri Lanka as three separate stories are explored: a father and daughter’s relationship is tested after an encounter with a soldier leaves her pregnant, an impoverished family must find a way to manage their debt to the rebels, and a young boy discovers his widowed mother’s sexual affair.

Sinhala, Tamil with subtitles, 125 min

Karma Karma

Burdened by guilt over his mother's death, 23-year-old Payel moves into an old stable turned into an apartment. Through the thin walls and a high window he can hear his neighbors' lovemaking and arguments, inspiring sexual fantasies that lead him into an emotional encounter with death and redemption. Structured like a jigsaw puzzle, Karma invites audiences to piece together these characters' lives while immersing them in a truly sensorial experience.

Sinhalese with subtitles, 88 min