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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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The Rapture of Fe The Rapture of Fe

Caught between her violent husband and a dithering young lover, Fe's life takes a scary turn when baskets of black fruit begin unexpectedly appearing at her door. At first the enigma is endearing, but soon Fe realizes someone (or is it something?) sinister is looking to join her love triangle…. Blurring the boundaries between the mundane and the mysterious, The Rapture of Fe is the sexy supernatural tale of a woman's will to survive in the face of oppression.

Tagalog with subtitles, 78 minutes

The 'Thank You' Girls The 'Thank You' Girls

This celebration of a singular family of drag queens follows a hapless group of beauty pageant contestants who leave the big city in search of fame, glamour, and adoration out in the rural provinces. This lighthearted, brightly colored romp draws us in—past the girls’ glamorous façades to their destructive everyday habits—as they tear through the Filipino countryside.

Visayan with subtitles, 105 minutes


Antichrist Antichrist

Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in this dark, highly erotic psychological horror story from the controversial writer/director of Dogville, Dancer in the Dark, and Breaking the Waves. A grieving couple retreats to an isolated cabin in the woods to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course, and things go from bad to worse.... Gainsbourg was named best actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her astounding performance.

109 minutes

Case Unknown Case Unknown

Work is everything to young psychiatrist Konstanty Grot

Polish with subtitles, 102 minutes

Little Moscow Little Moscow

In the late 1960s, the military moves Russian pilot Yuri and his beautiful wife Vera to the town of Legnica, headquarters for the Soviet Army in Poland. While fraternizing between the Russian occupiers and local Poles is strictly controlled, Vera's enchanting performance in a singing contest ignites a deep passion in Polish lieutenant Michal and the two must choose between loyalty and love. Seeking truth and redemption in the past, Yuri and his daughter return to Legnica 30 years later.

Polish with subtitles, 114 minutes

Sweet Rush Sweet Rush

Treasured director Andrzej Wajda follows up his Oscar®-nominated Katyn with this poignant meditation on nostalgia and loss. A married woman (Wajda regular Krystyna Janda) feels more than maternal affection for a young man who reminds her of the two sons she lost in WWII, only their drama is but a movie being staged within this movie, and perhaps the real story is Janda herself….

Polish with subtitles, 84 minutes


Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl

Lonely office-bound accountant MacÁrio, sees a captivating woman in the window across the street. Instantly smitten, he throws himself headlong into pursuit of her, only to discover that there’s a long fall from the top of a pedestal down to solid ground. At 100, de Oliveira is still finding fresh perspectives on human nature and delivering them with a richness and visual poetry all his own.

Portuguese with subtitles, 63 minutes

Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm

After a cop mistakenly kills a hostage in a holdup in one of Rio's exclusive neighborhoods, four families must rebuild their lives. But the possibility of a bright future is as uncertain as the details surrounding the accident. As the fragmented but inextricably intertwined pasts of the characters collide with the present, this stirring social drama examines the question of whether destiny is truly inevitable.

Portuguese with subtitles, 118 minutes