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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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Hemel Hemel

Since the death of her mother, Hemel has been very close with her father Gijs, her only other consolation being an endless series of men. Gijs has gone through a number of romances with beautiful women, and, similarly, none of them were serious enough to threaten the father-daughter relationship. When Gijs meets Sophie, however, Hemel feels like her close bond with her father is in serious danger in this powerful, erotic melodrama.

Dutch with subtitles, 80 min

Post Tenebras Lux Post Tenebras Lux

An astonishing visual tour de force from Mexican filmaker Reygadas (whose previous film, 2007’s Silent Light, won the Gold Hugo), this enigmatic, elusive film presents the occurrences around a family of four. Mundane domestic events are punctuated with tableaux of overwhelming beauty, while some sinister force lurks outside. Filled with arresting images from one of world cinema’s most innovative visual masters, Post Tenebras Lux is a truly sui generis work.

Spanish with subtitles, 120 min

New Zealand

43,000 Feet 43,000 Feet

When statistician John Wilkins is sucked out of a plane at 43,000 feet, he calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground in this clever little film about falling.

Part of: Shorts 7: Chaos Theory

English, 9 min

Ellen is Leaving Ellen is Leaving

In this bittersweet story, Ellen is leaving to travel the world. She just has one more thing to take care of before she leaves: finding a new girl for her boyfriend.

Part of: Shorts 4: Not OK, Cupid!

English, 15 min

Northern Ireland

Art of Conflict Art of Conflict

Out of the heart of a violently divided region rose a unique form of expression that has given voice to two groups of people on opposing sides of a centuries-old conflict. Narrated by Vince Vaughn, this eye-opening documentary examines how the street art of murals tells the story of Northern Ireland’s history and the violent Troubles through interviews with muralists, political figures, art historians, and people who live and work in the region.

English, 73 min


King Curling King Curling

King Curling is a rollicking, boisterous comedy about the high-stakes world of curling, that most glorious of broom-based ice sports. After breaking under the intense pressure of championship competition, former star Truls Paulsen has fallen far from his former exalted station, battling OCD and a reliance on pills. When he learns that his former coach is in the hospital and in desperate need of an expensive operation, Truls gets himself together for one more, potentially lucrative competition.

Norwegian with subtitles, 75 min

Liv & Ingmar Liv & Ingmar

This feature documentary is an affectionate yet truthful account of the 42 years and 12 films long relationship between legendary actress Liv Ullmann and master filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Told entirely from Liv’s point of view, this rollercoaster journey of extreme highs and lows is constructed as a collage of images and sounds from timeless Ullmann-Bergman films along with behind the scenes footage, still photographs, passages from Liv’s book Changing and Ingmar’s love letters to Liv. *Liv & Ingmar* is a candid and humane look at two of the greatest artists of our time.

English, 75 min