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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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Shortchanged Shortchanged

Set in bustling contemporary Mumbai, Shortchanged is the comedic tale of three unlikely friends and flatmates whose attitudes couldn't be more different. Shulka is a reserved older man, Aman is a swaggering young go-getter, and Yadav is a thirtysomething pushover. When Yadav finds a new sense of self-confidence after stumbling into a petty crime, he tries to entice the others to join him, but his simple plan soon spirals out of control.

English, Hindi with subtitles, 97 minutes


About Elly About Elly

From the director of Fireworks Wednesday (winner of the Festival's 2006 Gold Hugo), this complex mystery launches with the lighthearted weekend reunion of a group of old college pals. Sepideh has brought along her new friend Elly, hoping she'll hit it off with Ahmad, newly divorced from his German wife and in search of an Iranian bride. But when Elly disappears from their seaside bungalow, compounding lies and deception quickly lead to catastrophe.

Persian with subtitles, 119 minutes


The Eclipse The Eclipse

Michael (Ciarán Hinds, Munich) has been plagued by dark dreams and strange noises since his wife died. Volunteering at the local literary festival, Michael is drawn to supernatural fiction writer Lena (Iben Hjejle, High Fidelity) as much for her beauty as for her fascination with the otherworldly. Pop novelist Nicholas (Aidan Quinn) has also been enthralled with Lena since their one-night affair a year ago, but when he arrives to reclaim her, all three will be forced to deal with their own ghosts.

88 minutes

Love & Savagery Love & Savagery

A sleepy town along Ireland's magnificent rocky western coast plays host to a lyrical tale of forbidden love between Michael and Cathleen, a passionate geologist/poet from Newfoundland and the lovely, gentle waitress at the local pub. Undeterred by the many enemies he amasses for wooing Cathleen, Michael forces her to confront foreign feelings and question the path she chose long ago.

96 minutes

Please Say Something Please Say Something

Please Say Something explores the troubled relationship between a very emotional cat and her husband, a workaholic mouse. Will they be able to resolve their inter-species differences?

Please Say Something will be presented as part of the short film program, Shorts 2: Animation Nations: Information & Show Times

10 minutes


Eyes Wide Open Eyes Wide Open

Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox community offers the comfort of belonging, but the conformity can be suffocating. Aaron, a devoted husband and father, is well respected in this world. Then he meets Ezri, a charismatic 22-year-old, who quickly steals Aaron's heart. Soon he's choosing this taboo love over his family. Guilt, torment, and pressure from the community will lead him to make a radical decision…

Hebrew, Yiddish with subtitles, 91 minutes


Ricky Ricky

As her new relationship with coworker Paco begins to bloom, single working mother Katie learns she’s pregnant. Baby Ricky soon dominates Katie’s attention, straining the couple’s relationship as well as her bond with her young daughter. Ambitious French director FranÇois Ozon (Swimming Pool, 8 Women) delivers a gritty family drama that takes flight in fantastical directions when a discovery is made: Ricky is growing wings.

Please note new screening dates for Ricky.

French with subtitles, 90 minutes

Videocracy Videocracy

Shockingly relevant and precisely crafted, Erik Gandini's documentary portrays the relationships between Italy's political elite and its powerful media empire. As Gandini puts it, "President Silvio Berlusconi has created a perfect system of TV entertainment and politics." With an eerily fitting soundtrack to guide it along, Videocracy exhibits firsthand the dangers of government-television cohabitation.

English, Italian with subtitles, 80 minutes

Vincere Vincere

The closely guarded story of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's secret lover and son is revealed in fittingly operatic proportions in this electrifying tour de force. Thunderstruck by the young Mussolini's charisma, Ida Dalser gives up everything to help champion his revolutionary ideas. When he disappears during World War I and later resurfaces with a new wife, the scorned Dasler and her son are locked away in separate asylums for more than a decade. But Ida will not disappear without a fight….

Italian with subtitles, 128 minutes