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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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This is London This is London

A rodent gets in the way of a couple's mission to send the perfect photograph to their son in London in this entertaining comedy.

Part of: Shorts 5: Spotlight Middle East

Arabic with English subtitles, 17 min


Bad Seeds Bad Seeds

A tight, atmospheric thriller starring real-life father and son Charles (Summer Hours) and Émile Berling (A Christmas Tale) as a high school principal and his troubled son, Bad Seeds follows teenager Louis as he and his friend Greg kidnap their English teacher. Much to Louis’ horror, this act of naïve rebellion deteriorates into horrible violence as Greg’s cruel sadism manifests itself. As the crime progresses, Louis’ troubled family history comes to light.

French with subtitles, 95 min

Land of the Heroes Land of the Heroes

Iraq,1988. In a land devastated by war, Dileer and his sister just want to watch cartoons on television, but that seems to be more difficult than expected in this multi-award winning short.

Part of: Shorts 5: Spotlight Middle East

Arabic/ Kurdish with subtitles, 19 min

Oh Willy… Oh Willy…

In this spellbinding stop-motion animation, fifty-something Willy returns to the naturist community where he has spent his youth to visit his dying mother. When she dies shortly after he arrives, Willy is confronted with the choices he has made in his life.

Part of: Shorts 2: Blurring the Lines

No Dialogue, 16 min

Our Children Our Children

Inspired by real-life events, Our Children unfolds the riveting story of Murielle, a mother caught in a claustrophobic domestic nightmare. Struggling financially, she and her family are forced to move in with her husbands’s authoritarian mentor Dr. Pinget. The oppressive atmosphere of Pinget’s home overwhelms Murielle, making her increasingly desperate and irrational in this taut psychological drama.

French with subtitles, 111 min


Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room

An idiosyncratic portrait of an eccentric widow who looks after an impressive collection of fossils and documents, and her unexpected penchant for photoshop.

Part of: Shorts 6: Truth Be Told

Portuguese with English subtitles, 12 min

Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica

Just out of medical school, Veronica takes a challenging position at a local public hospital. Full of doubts and insecurity and reluctant to give up her sense of freedom, she finds herself questioning her career, personal, and romantic choices. When her beloved father is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she must face her adult responsibilities head on.

Portuguese with subtitles, 90 min

Rat Fever Rat Fever

Zizo, a true rebel, is content to spend his days spewing subversive poetry to an audience consisting mostly of his fellow outsider friends. That is, until the arrival of the beautiful Eneida injects a love story into this carefree romp through the stoned and casually promiscuous world of Brazilian bohemian life. Gorgeous black and white cinematography and a dryly comedic, stylized tone perfectly convey the idealism of the youthful characters.

Portuguese with subtitles, 110 min

Tastes Like Chicken? Tastes Like Chicken?

A witty, thought provoking experimental short following a factory farm chicken who has a vision: she becomes aware of the wheels that rule her life and her ultimate destiny.

Part of: Shorts 7: Chaos Theory

English, 15 min

Xingu Xingu

This sweeping epic chronicles an important, still-relevant struggle in Brazilian history. Seeking adventure, the Villa Boas brothers set off from modern civilization into the jungles of Brazil, where they befriend an isolated Xingu village. Working with the Xingu, they help modernize the village. However, progress brings its own set of devastating problems and the brothers begin a decades-long fight to help the Xingu people. Stylish, energetic, and inspiring, Xingu vividly brings their struggle to life.

Portuguese with subtitles, 103 min