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The Messenger

The Messenger

Directors: Oren Moverman
105 minutes min
Gala Presentation

There are war movies about the battles in the field, and there are war movies about the battle at home. Will Montgomery has just returned from Iraq a hero, but he's finding it difficult adjusting to life off the front lines. With three months to serve stateside, he's partnered with hard-bitten captain Tony Stone, whose mission it is to—day after day—shatter the lives of wives, mothers, husbands, and fathers by delivering them the news of their soldier's death. Above all, Stone believes in following the rules, but Montgomery breaks a big one. Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster (Six Feet Under) deliver Oscar®-caliber performances in this solid, intensely emotional debut.

Show Times

Director Oren Moverman and actor Ben Foster scheduled to attend
Oren Moverman