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Shorts 7: Truth Be Told

Shorts 7: Truth Be Told

Directors: _ Various
67 min min
Life Is Short

Original documentary shorts that have won international acclaim for their fresh approaches and sensitive storytelling. FLYING ANNE (The Netherlands) is a sensitive portrayal of a beautiful young girl suffering from Tourette Syndrome. GRANDMOTHERS (UK) uses mixed media animation to render the tragic story of one woman's experience of the Argentine revolution. In CARETAKER FOR THE LORD (UK), we are privy to the everyday goings on and discontent amongst an aging and steadily declining church community in Scotland. THE HIGH LEVEL BRIDGE (Canada) is a fitting and humorous homage to the people and events surrounding an oddly significant landmark. GOODBYE MANDIMA (Switzerland) is a moving account of childhood memories of growing up in Zaire. In BITTER LEMON (Bangladesh), we experience the point of view of a traffic policeman in the chaotic streets of Dhaka.

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