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Shorts 5: When Worlds Collide

Shorts 5: When Worlds Collide

Directors: _ Various
83 min min
Life Is Short

Unsettling, surprising and off-kilter encounters abound in these eight compelling and carefully crafted films. A 17-year-old boy experiences some surprises during his first day on the job in MEATHEAD (New Zealand). A father and son share an awkward moment at a wedding in THE SHIRT (Germany). A piece of chewing gum, a dog collar, a stain on the wall in the shape of Australia, and a crooked traffic light all play a part in THE RUNAWAY (Spain). An old woman convinces herself that she will die as soon as she has sold her last minute of cell phone time in MINUTO 200 (Colombia). Perceptions of reality are explored on a one-take journey in 720 DEGREES (Bangladesh). A young girl’s sexual awakening swelters in the heat of a long summer’s day in NARKIS (Israel). Two brothers who run an unusual carwash business have some problems on their hands in KRASS (Iceland). An unseen tension lurks in a seemingly everyday situation in THE STRANGE ONES (USA).

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