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Shorts 4: In n' Out

Shorts 4: In n' Out

Directors: _ Various
63 min min
Life Is Short

A series of provocative shorts exploring sex and relationships in unique and hilarious ways.
An elderly couple's dinner repartee takes an unexpected and hilarious turn in PASS THE SALT, PLEASE (USA). The pleasures and perils of going back for more are explored in EX-SEX (USA). An old man has a dirty secret in GRANDPA'S WET DREAM (USA/JAPAN). Wallace and Gromit meets Shortbus when a Claymation couple decides to spice up their sex life in VENUS (Denmark). A plucky actress prepares for a challenging new role in METHOD (USA). Bert's barely clad neighbor comes to borrow some sugar and things go horribly wrong in SUGAR (The Netherlands).

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