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Shorts 4: Escape and Rebellion

Shorts 4: Escape and Rebellion

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101 minutes min
The Shorter Side of Things

Almost everybody is going to die very soon in The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5 (Spain). Rasmus leaves his parents a special present in Good Advice (Sweden). In Ciao Mama (Croatia), a young daughter tries to provoke her mother, forcing them both to re-examine their relationship. Ernesto Kely is going to create something and it might just explode in Ernesto Kely Takes Off (Spain). The picnic is over; the upper middle-class party prepares to go home, but who is missing in The History of Aviation (Hungary)? Lars and Peter (Denmark) captures the difficult emotions of a young boy and his relationship to his father in the face of great loss. The Illusion (Cuba) documents director Susana Barriga's journey from Cuba to London to visit her exiled father.

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