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Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem - Night Terrors

Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem - Night Terrors

95 min
Short Films

A family of four plays a deadly game in Hunger (Turkey). A one-eyed man makes his escape from a hotel room, entering a hellish world where time and space intertwine in Lonely Bones (France/ Netherlands). In a predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home in Aftermath (USA). A man’s recurring sexual fantasies about a mermaid tear his world apart in Sea Pig (USA). Two teddy bears go hunting for their favorite prey in Unicorn Blood (Spain). An attempted burglary doesn’t go as planned with some extraordinary consequences in Perfect Drug (Belgium). A little girl lives on a remote farm where she receives a monthly letter from her father - but one day everything changes forever in Reset. In Cochemare (Canada), an astonishing blend of animation, live-action and 3D effects, we travel from the mystical Forest of Storms to an International Space Station.

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