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Shorts 1: Illinoi[s]emakers

Shorts 1: Illinoi[s]emakers

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80 minutes min

The Shorter Side of Things

It is quite literally always raining on one young man in Wet (USA). Team Taliban (USA) explores the impact of the War on Terror in American culture through the lens of professional wrestling. In Non-Love-Song (USA), two best friends try to connect on a deeper level for the first time before they are separated indefinitely. Amy tracks down leads and attempts to prevent a catastrophe in Good People (USA). The leader of an exertion-harnessing auxiliary of the municipal pedal power plant is beckoned off course in Cycle (USA). In Public Speaking (USA), Ronald Reagan helps a nervous youth conquer his fear. In An Evening with Emery Long (USA), Emery prepares for his first date with "office hottie" Della.

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