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Directors: Florian Eichinger
German with English Subtitles
89 min
World Cinema

In this brooding, sharply written drama, long estranged brothers Marten and Volker reunite at their abandoned childhood home. Hoping to convince his still angry younger brother to reconcile with their imprisoned mother, Marten finds his efforts to reunite the family thwarted by Volker’s deep-rooted resentments. Steadily paced and saturated with intriguing twists, Nordstrand tracks the troubled history and painful present of a family torn apart.

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Producer: Cord Lappe, Florian Eichinger

Principal Cast: Daniel Michel, Martin Schleiß, Luise Berndt, Anna Thalbach

Film Format: DCP

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Florian Eichinger


Florian Eichinger (*1971) hated school so much that he decided to learn filming autodidacticly. While he worked as an editor, he started to direct his first short films, music videos and commercials in the 90s. His first feature BERGFEST, an abyssal low budget father-and-son-drama, he financed with money earned by commercials. BERGFEST was invited to more than 20 international festivals and won several awards. During the festival tour Eichinger decided to write and direct two more films about the long arm of domestic violence. (containing autobiographical material) NORDSTRAND is the second part of this topical trilogy. Filmography 1993 PUBERTÄT SPÄT, short, 28min 1997 DÜNNE WÄNDE, short, 8min 1999 DER ERSTE ZUG / THE FIRST TRAIN, short, 20min 2003 DER LETZTE GESELLE / THE LAST JOURNEYMAN, short, 4min 2008 BERGFEST / WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING, feature, 89min 2013 NORDSTRAND, feature, 89min

Screenplay: Florian Eichinger

Producer: Cord Lappe, Florian Eichinger

Editor: Jan Gerold

Principal Cast: Daniel Michel, Martin Schleiß, Luise Berndt, Anna Thalbach

Production Companies: Bergfilm Produktion

Goethe Institut