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Directors: Laurent Durieux, Rémy Busson, Yann Drevon, Auélien Duhayon, Maxime Mege-Ythier, Florian Picon, Julien Soler, Raphaël Tillie, Gonglin Wang for “The Lab 2”
4 min min

Life Is Short

Hellville seems to have found its bizarre balance through a traffic system exclusively made of pedal vehicles...Until the day the roaring engine of a motorbike resonates through its streets. Hellville’s futuristic urban landscape is like an animated love letter to Jacques Tati’s Playtime.

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Laurent Durieux
Rémy Busson
Yann Drevon
Auélien Duhayon
Maxime Mege-Ythier
Florian Picon
Julien Soler
Raphaël Tillie
Gonglin Wang for “The Lab 2”