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Directors: Bob Meyer
98 min. min

Main Competition

The lives of a cast of misfits collide in this engagingly off-kilter character study with deep ties to Chicago. There’s Mort (John Malkovich), a Vietnam veteran trying to soothe his survivor’s guilt with alcohol; Fletcher (John Goodman), a used-boat salesman who’s as corrupt as he is jocular; and Mort’s nephew Abe, a wide-eyed suburban teen pursuing his quixotic dream of buying a boat and sailing the world… while keeping his mother (Dana Delany) in the dark.

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Show Times

Get your ticket here Scheduled to attend: Director Bob Meyer; actors Jacob Zachar, Jim Ortlieb, Skipp Sudduth, Brian Deneen, and Christina Clark
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Get your ticket here Scheduled to attend: actors Jacob Zachar, Jim Ortlieb
Bob Meyer