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Dream of 1st April 1999

Dream of 1st April 1999

Directors: David B, Thomas Bertrand-Batlle, Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Bastien Létoile, Maxence Martin, Juan Paul Monge, Héloïse Papillon, Camille Perrin
6 min min

Life Is Short

A little boy goes for a walk in the forest with a mysterious, yeti like creature in this bizarre and highly creative animation which takes us on a dark, nightmarish journey which becomes increasingly abstract and surreal. 20’s style intertitles add to the dreamlike, nostalgic feel of this unique film.

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David B
Thomas Bertrand-Batlle
Julien Hazebroucq
Emmanuelle Leleu
Bastien Létoile
Maxence Martin
Juan Paul Monge
Héloïse Papillon
Camille Perrin