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Closed Curtain

Closed Curtain

Original Title: Pardé
Directors: Jafar Panahi and Kambuzia Partovi
Farsi with English subtitles
106 min
World Cinema

Filmed in secret in defiance of director Jafar Panahi’s 20-year filmmaking ban, Closed Curtain tells the story of a writer whose plans of working in seclusion are disrupted when strangers break into his home. Just as the situation between the mysterious, inquisitive visitors and the paranoid writer reaches its apparent resolution, the film takes a step back with a surreal blend of fiction and autobiographical documentary, as Panahi himself finds the fiction film bleeding into his everyday life.

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Jafar Panahi and Kambuzia Partovi


Jafar Panahi Born in 1960, Mianeh, Iran. Director, author and producer, Jafar Panahi is one of the most influential filmmakers in Iran. After several short films and documentaries, he directed his first feature in 1995, THE WHITE BALLOON (Badkonake Sefid), which won the Camera d’Or in Cannes. In 1997 he won the Golden Leopard in Locarno for THE MIRROR (Ayneh) and in 2000 the Golden Lion in Venice for THE CIRCLE (Dayereh). CRIMSON GOLD (Talayeh Sorkh) won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize in the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. OFFSIDE won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlinale in 2006. THIS IS NOT A FILM (In film nist) was selected in Cannes Official Selection in 2010 Special Screenings. Thus far, he has received over 80 international awards, including Chicago’s Golden Hugo, Istanbul’s Golden Tulip, Valladolid Golden Spike, Cannes’s Carrosse d’or, Bosnia’s Golden Heart, etc. His realistic vision of the Iranian society has caused his films to be banned from the screen in Iran. In fact, only one of them, THE WHITE BALLOON has been granted a screening license there. Panahi has been arrested twice, the second time for 86 days, after which the Iranian government released him on bail, bowing to the pressure of international film festivals, artists, well-known filmmakers, as well as his own hunger strike. According to the court’s final judgment, Panahi was given a 20-year ban on filmmaking, scriptwriting, travel outside of the country and interviews. Should he violate the ban, he will incur a 6-year prison sentence. This is why CLOSED CURTAIN was made secretly and without authorization. Panahi has won a number of human-rights prizes, such as the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought, and the medal of art for freedom. Kamboziya Partovi Kamboziya Partovi was born in 1956 in northern Iran. He graduated from the faculty of Dramatic Art of Tehran University. He started his cinema career as scriptwriter. Partovi made his first feature, Mahi (The Fish) in 1989, selected in Berlinale Generation 14Plus and won the Best Film Award of this section, as well as many other prizes from national and international film festivals. Thus far, he has made 7 feature films. Partovi’s latest movie, Café Transit (2005), was nominated for the Oscars in 2007 to represent Iranian cinema in the competition for the best foreign language films. He has also written screenplays for other directors, including Atiq Rahimi, Dariush Mehrjoui, Massoud Kimiai, Majid Majidi, Niki Karimi. He already worked with Jafar Panahi on the script of The Circle. Partovi has trained and supported many Iranian artists and filmmakers.