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Cinema Komunisto

Cinema Komunisto

Directors: Mila Turajlic
Serbian with subtitles
101 min min

If the illusion of reality is the currency of cinema, then cinephile and former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito bought and paid for his country’s thrilling and heroic (but mostly made up) history. This award-winning documentary chronicles the 40-year history of Avala Studio, built by Tito to crank out well-made propaganda films in order to shape and control his country’s image in a post-war world. This veritable compendium of archival footage and clips from over 60 classic Yugoslav films includes remembrances from Tito’s personal projectionist.

Show Times

Get your ticket here Director Mila Turajlic will be in attendance.
Director Mila Turajlic will be in attendance.
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Mila Turajlic
Jeanne Randall Malkin Family Foundation