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The Date The Date

Tino’s manhood is put to the test when he has to host a date for Diablo, the family’s stud cat.

Part of Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Finnish, 7

Finland and Denmark

American Vagabond American Vagabond

Growing up gay in a family and a community that refuse to accept him for who he is, James leaves his hometown for San Francisco. Moving with his boyfriend Tyler, James imagines easily finding a home in the world’s gay Mecca, but without jobs they end up living among the city's sizable community of homeless queer youth. Both stylized and deeply personal, this moving documentary provides an intimate portrait of its subjects' joys and struggles.



Blue Is The Warmest Color Blue Is The Warmest Color

Teenager Adèle’s life is turned upside down the night she meets blue-haired Emma. Adèle’s passionate sexual awakening and the couple’s ensuing relationship are depicted in searing, intimate detail over the course of several years. With breathtaking performances from lead actresses Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos and sharp, controlled direction from acclaimed director Abdellatif Kechiche (The Secret of the Grain), this groundbreaking erotic epic took the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

French with English Subtitles, 179

Burn It Up Djassa Burn It Up Djassa

Shot on a miniscule budget but positively bursting with style and energy, this hugely inventive DIY crime thriller follows Tony, a young cigarette seller in an Abidjan ghetto. Ignoring the pleas of his policeman brother to stay on the right side of the law, Tony gets increasingly mixed up in local gambling and criminal activities until a moment of violence puts him on the run from the law.

French and Nouchi (Ivorian dialect) with English Subtitles, 70

The German Doctor The German Doctor

In Patagonia, 1960, an Argentine family meets a German physician on the long road to Bariloche. The first guest at the family’s newly opened inn, the wealthy doctor ingratiates himself into their home life with his charisma and his scientific knowledge. Little do they know, however, that they are housing one of history’s most monstrous criminals, and that he might be continuing his experimental practice in their own community in this chilling, captivating story.

Spanish, German, Hebrew with English Subtitles, 93

Harmony Lessons Harmony Lessons

Writer-director Emir Baigazin announces himself as a major new voice with this startling, ecstatically received debut feature. 13-year-old Aslan lives with his grandmother in rural Kazakhstan, where young thugs run the local schoolyard like an extortion racket, systematically bullying children for their money. After a humiliating incident during a medical examination, Aslan becomes a social outcast, growing increasingly isolated until he decides to take grim revenge on his tormentors. Warning: contains scenes of animal violence.

Kazakh / Russian with English Subtitles, 115

Amarcord Amarcord

Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film and called Fellini’s “final great film” by Roger Ebert, this surreal quasi-autobiographical comedy follows adolescent prankster Titta’s childhood in the quaint, eccentric village of Borgo San Giuliano in Mussolini’s Italy. A joyous, often nostalgic, account of Titta’s fantasies, family feuds, and seemingly fantastical adventures, Fellini’s dreamlike masterpiece lovingly pays tribute to village life, and to the wonderful embellishments that cloud our memories.

Year: 1973

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


Just a Sigh Just a Sigh

Between performances of an Ibsen play in Calais, actress Alix (exquisitely played by Emmanuelle Devos) travels to Paris for an audition. On the train, she meets a mysterious, stoic Englishman (Gabriel Byrne). Played out over the course of a day, the film beautifully chronicles the blossoming of an all-too-brief love affair between the two, a momentary romance that brings hope and passion into Alix’s harried life, and comfort to her lover.

English, French with English subtitles, 105

The Last of the Unjust The Last of the Unjust

For his latest documentary epic, Claude Lanzmann (Shoah) revisits the footage of his 1975 interviews with Benjamin Murmelstein, the president of Theresienstadt’s Jewish Council of Elders, and the only "Jewish Elder" to survive the war. The strikingly intelligent, charismatic Murmelstein candidly reflects on his unique historical role, one for which he was both demonized and celebrated. Through these interviews and visits to historical sites, Lanzmann provides an incisive view of a complex, beguiling character.

French and German with English Subtitles, 218

Melaza Melaza

With the closure of the local sugar mill, the picturesque Cuban town of Melaza has become desolate and lifeless. School teacher Aldo and now-unemployed Monica eke out a meager living, going as far as renting out their tiny home to the local prostitute for extra cash. When they get in trouble with the authorities, resulting fines lead to more desperate measures. This funny, heartfelt romantic drama explores the limits of love and trust in the face of hardship.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 80

My Sweet Pepper Land My Sweet Pepper Land

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, two unlikely allies converge in a war-torn Kurdish village at the borders of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. Both Baran, a former Kurdish independence war hero, and Govend, a beautiful young woman defying tradition by accepting a post at a newly-opened school, are hell-bent on seeing order and civilization restored to their damaged country. Elements of the Western genre combine with the awe-inspiring landscapes in director Hiner Saleem’s socially-inflected frontier tale.

Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish with English Subtitles, 95

The Notebook The Notebook

This atmospheric WWII thriller follows twin boys sent to the Hungarian countryside to wait out the war’s violent barrage with their embittered, cruel grandmother. Only 13 but grimly determined to survive, the brothers decide that the only way to endure the horrors of war is to by extinguishing their own humanity. A chilling portrait of young psyches warped by inconceivable trauma, this critical and audience favorite took the top prize at the prestigious Karlovy Vary film festival.

Hungarian with English Subtitles, 110

The Nun The Nun

Forced to join a convent against her will at 16, Suzanne describes, in a series of letters written in secret, her yearnings for freedom and her persecution and mistreatment at the hands of her fellow nuns - including Isabelle Huppert in an electrifying performance as her Mother Superior. Her tragic life of suffering and her confrontations with hypocritical church authorities are chronicled with raw, powerful emotion in this moving adaptation of Denis Diderot’s treasured novel.

French with English Subtitles, 114

Pieces Of Me Pieces Of Me

Teenager Erell (Blue Is The Warmest Color’s Adèle Exarchopolous) connects with the people in her life from behind her camera, documenting her friends and family, including her ailing mother and moody father. After years in which Erell had been left alone to run the household and care for her mother, her older sister Sarah suddenly returns. With her sister around, Erell begins to find her own voice without the safety of her camera in this refreshingly honest coming-of-age drama.

French with English Subtitles, 89

Stranger By The Lake Stranger By The Lake

In a secluded cruising spot tucked away on a picturesque lake, Franck notices the muscular Michel and quickly falls for him. Franck’s desire continues to grow even as he witnesses Michel commit a terrible, violent act. Aware of the potential danger, possibly even excited by it, Franck ignores the advice of his wary friend Henri and indulges his passion in this brilliantly observed, sharply insightful meditation on sex and desire that was awarded a directing prize at Cannes.

French with English Subtitles, 97

Stray Dogs Stray Dogs

The latest film from Taiwanese master Tsai Ming-Liang (The Wayward Cloud) tells the story of a father and his two children who live on the margins in Taipei. Squatting in an abandoned building, they get by on handouts and the father’s meager salary as a human billboard. Mysterious and affecting, the story of the father’s unwinding is told with the sublime, rapturous beauty that has come to be associated with Tsai’s work in one of his most emotionally powerful films.

Mandarin with English subtitles, 138

Suzanne Suzanne

Suzanne, (beautifully played by the enthralling Sara Forestier), grows up an inquisitive, strong-minded girl in a loving but unstable home with her sister and much absent truck-driving father. When, as a teen, she falls in love with a local tough guy and becomes pregnant, her life takes a plunging trajectory as she continues to choose love above all else. This poignant family portrait explores the ties and limits of family bonds through one young woman’s heartrending journey.

French with English Subtitles, 90

Under The Rainbow Under The Rainbow

Agnès Jaoui (Look At Me) returns with a witty, charming modern-day mélange of familiar fairy tales. Jaoui populates her film with delightful variations on well-worn tropes - shoes lost at midnight, big bad wolves, evil stepmothers, fairy godmothers - in telling the story of Laura, who must choose between two Prince Charmings as they, and their families, deal with the tragicomic complications of romance.

French with English subtitles, 112

Yema Yema

In an isolated house on a drought-stricken mountainside, Ouardia must bury the body of her son Tarik, a victim of the civil conflict waging between the government and the fundamentalists. She suspects her other son, Ali, a mujahedeen fighter, has had a hand in the killing. And their mutual distrust is evidenced in the young soldier that Ali has sent to guard her. Beautifully capturing the expansive Algerian countryside this minimalist tale of a single family’s tragedy takes on mythic proportions.

Arabic with English Subtitles, 90

Le Grande Cahier Le Grande Cahier

This atmospheric WWII thriller follows twin boys sent to the Hungarian countryside to wait out the war’s violent barrage with their embittered, cruel grandmother. Only 13 but grimly determined to survive, the brothers decide that the only way to endure the horrors of war is to by extinguishing their own humanity. A chilling portrait of young psyches warped by inconceivable trauma, this critical and audience favorite took the top prize at the prestigious Karlovy Vary film festival.

Hungarian with English Subtitles, 110

Butter Lamp Butter Lamp

A young photographer takes a group of Tibetan nomads’ pictures against various exotic backdrops.

Part of Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Tibetan, 15

Siggil Siggil

An old man is getting ready to go to an important meeting.

Part of Shorts 5: Spotlight Africa

French, 20

Social Butterfly Social Butterfly

When a young American woman enters a party in the South of France, some of the guests begin to wonder what she is doing there.

Part of Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

English, 14

The Bungled Child The Bungled Child

The terrifying tale of an attempt to separate conjoined twins.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division


France and Switzerland

Stop-Over Stop-Over

Learning that his cousin Mohsen has left Iran illegally, filmmaker Kaveh Bakhtiari travels to Athens, a common middle ground for undocumented migrants hoping to reach other European countries. Stop-Over captures the constant tension of these immigrants’ everyday lives in the shadows, where every trip outside a crowded safe house is fraught with the danger of arrest and deportation, in a powerful first-person account of life lived under the radar.

French, Farsi with English Subtitles, 104

France and UK

Le Week-End Le Week-End

An unreservedly honest, emotionally resonant love story from director Roger Michell (Notting Hill) and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi (My Beautiful Laundrette), Le Week-End follows Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and Nick (Jim Broadbent), whose 30-year marriage is dominated by routine and built up resentments. An anniversary holiday to Paris only makes matters worse, with each word and action inciting deep-seated rancor. An accidental meeting with an old American colleague (Jeff Goldblum) challenges the couple to find some way to re-ignite the spark.