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Nida Manzoor

Nida Manzoor

Director of Arcade, Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Q: What film inspired you to start a career as a filmmaker?

A: Woody Allen’s Annie Hall (1977) was probably one of the main films that got me into filmmaking. Great characters, witty dialogue, visual flair – it had it all!

Q: Did you make Arcade with a specific audience in mind?

A: No, I didn’t really. It just felt really important to me to tell this story. I guess I was blindly hoping someone would like it.

Q: What memorable events happened during the production of Arcade?

A: During one of the days on set, the location manager at the games arcade where we were shooting had double booked us with a school of kids. That was a nightmare for sound especially as we had to shoot the dialogues that day. Memorable for the wrong reasons – nightmare!

Q: What did you learn from working on Arcade?

A: I learned how to make a movie with a crew! It was my first movie where I had a crew of more than three people and a cast that didn’t consist of my parents and friends. It was pretty epic. I felt legit.

Q: If you could work with any actor, living or dead, who would it be?

A: Steve Buscemi! I think he’s brilliant.

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