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Erick Schmitt

Erik Schmitt

Director of Rhino Full Throttle, Shorts 4: Out Lovers' Story

Q: What film inspired you to start a career as a filmmaker?

A: I must have been 14 years old when I saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Terry Gilliam, 1998). After that, everything was different and I knew I wanted to become a filmmaker.

Q: Did you make Rhino Full Throttle with a specific audience in mind?

A: With this film, it was more important than anything to make a film I like myself.

Q: What memorable events happened during the production of Rhino Full Throttle?

A: Running the streets at night behind a guy in a roman soldier costume, shooting on the hottest day of the year on a shadeless park deck, making ten people run in an arrow formation, and climbing on rooftops.

Q: What did you learn from working on Rhino Full Throttle?

A: I learned that some things need time while you think they won't. But some things you think will take ages go quickly. I guess filmmaking is to welcome both.

Q: If you could work with any actor, living or dead, who would it be?

A: Orson Welles

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