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CineYouth Festival: Cinema Chicago

The seven films in Cinema Chicago feature powerful home grown narratives, documentaries and animated shorts that pay homage to our city’s rich history, culture and passion for cinema.

by Jon LeVert (age 21), Chicago, IL

Two duty partners investigate the home of a prominent journalist whose latest story targets their police department.

Welcome to Peace House
by Angelo Ross, Siera Blackman & Briona Barker-Daws (ages 15-19), Chicago, IL

This is a documentary about the I Grow Chicago Peace House in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

Art Ideology
by Jhordan Ruiz & Michael Key Jr. (age 19), Chicago, IL

Free Spirit Media had the opportunity to sit down with some impactful individuals, such as Bria royal from For the People Artist Collective, Pidgeon, an intersex activist and designer, and Lori Branch, an AIDS activist, filmmaker and house DJ legend. We discovered that all these people shared a common goal: to break barriers of segregation and drive awareness and acceptance through art and activism.

by Jordan Blazak (age 21), Chicago, IL

After the death of his mother, Robbie is stuck in a trench of pain dealing with the loss and building up the courage to read his mother’s final note.

How To Make Art With Ghetto Nails
by Bria Royal (age 22), Chicago, IL

How to Make Art with Ghetto Nails is a tribute to the daily rebellions against respectability politics, “low” arts, and anyone who gets asked how they do ____ with “those” nails — answer: just like everyone else, except with 10 times more magic.

Valse Sentimentale
by Martha Mapes (age 19), Chicago, IL

An old ballet dancer looks back on her life.

Black Chi Youth
by Kayla Sullers (age 17), Chicago, IL

The point of view of BlackLivesMatter Chicago and the youth within the city.

Event Information

Friday, May 5, 2017
8:00pm – 9:00pm

Music Box Theatre
3733 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613 United States


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